About The Conference

The Central European Convention is the major international event of the Central European Region happening twice every year. Members of all CER countries meet to learn from each other and discuss future plans.

The Central European Region is a communication platform from 10 countries, to strengthen the collaboration between the member countries of IAESTE and help each other to reach the aims and mission of IAESTE Asbl, through organizing workshops for the members of the LCs and work together on international projects.

The first Central European Convention (CEC) was held in May 1998 in Tuheljske Toplice, Croatia, on the initiative of Thomas Haim, former National Secretary IAESTE Austria, and Mario Kauzlaric, former National Secretary IAESTE Croatia. Because of the great success, the CEC is being held two times a year, in a rotation schedule - so each country will organize the event every three years.

Fun facts about BiH

• The 1984 winter Olympic games were held in the capital Sarajevo.

• Bosnia and Herzegovina has its own indigenous species of horse (the Bosnian pony), dog (Shepherd dog shared with Croatia) and a lily (the Bosnian lily, lat. Lilium bosniacum).

• The first electric tram in Europe and second on the planet was opened in Sarajevo in 1885

• Sarajevo, the capital, is called “Europe’s Jerusalem” because in the city centre you can find a mosque, a Catholic cathedral, an Orthodox church and a synagogue within a radius of 100 meters. This can be found in many Bosnian cities

• “Stari most” (“The old bridge”) in Mostar is the most photographed site in the country

• Banja Luka is renowned for its greenery and an abundance of parks, the Vrbas river and great “Trapist” cheese

• Neum is the host of the “Neum Animated Film Festival” held every June.

• The old bridge in Mostar is a UNESCO world heritage site and a home to an annual high diving competition. As of 2016, the bridge is home to the Red Bull Diving competition

• The event that sparked the beginning of World War One happened in Sarajevo – The Sarajevo assassination

• Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country with two Nobel prize winners: Vladimir Prelog (Chemistry) and Ivo Andrić (Literature)

• Stećci, the medieval tombstones specific for Bosnia and Herzegovina were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2016. .

• Tuzla, the third largest city in the country, is the unofficial capital of hip-hop in the country

• Perućica, located in the southeastern part of the country is the last primeval forests in Europe • Trebišnjica is one of the largest sinking rivers in the world. It has four sources

• Neum is the only seaside location in Europe where it is legal to dive for date mussels; a very rare and expensive sea shell

• Počitelj near Mostar is a preserved medieval town and a touristic hotspot. “Tekija on Buna” is another notable site near Mostar.

Men Speaker

About Our Logo

This year CEC logo represents some main characteristics of your host. C stands for burek but only for burek with meat, E represents mountains and many natural resources Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in, while C is for seaside, since Bosnia and Herzegovina has access to the Adriatic sea. That is Neum - host of this years CEC!

Watch CEC Promo Video

Venue - How to get there

By plane

Airports that are closest to Neum are located in Dubrovnik and Mostar. After arrival to Dubrovnik airport you will need a tranfer to city centre. You can use Platanus travel agency buses or Dalmacija trans/Autotrans buses that will take you to the Main bus station. From there you can take Croatia bus-Globtour-Salinea-Jadran ekspres or Globtour buses. From Mostar airport you can take Globtour bus from Mostar to Neum (line Mostar – Dubrovnik) or Croatia bus-Globtour-Salinea-Jadran ekspres.

By bus

Easiest way to arrive to Neum is by Flixbus driving to Mostar or Dubrovnik. From there you can take bus Croatia bus-Globtour-Salinea-Jadran ekspres or Globtour buses directly to Neum.

By car

Hotel ’Grand’ Neum offers free parking space and with no need to reserve place in advance. Parking spaces are available outside the hotel too. Prices are 0,75 cents per/hour or 3,5 € per day.

Sarajevo airport is 12 km from city centre so you will have to take bus in order to arrive to bus station in Sarajevo. There are buses of Centrotrans Eurolines operating on this distance and the bus schedule matches the flight timetable. During the summer, the bus runs every day from the airport to the city center at the following times: 5:30 a.m., 6:30 a.m., 7:15 a.m., 8:45 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 13:15 p.m., 13:50 p.m., 15:10 p.m., 16:40 p.m., 17:30 p.m., 20:40 p.m. and 22:00 p.m. From there, take Centrotrans – eurolines, Lasta – globtour - Međugorje or Blue line buses, driving to Neum. You can also rent a car and all information can be found on Sarajevo airport site.
Upon your arrival to airport in Split, take bus from Pleso prijevoz which will take you to the main bus station. Information about driving timetable can be found on Split Airport web page. From there you can take buses driving to Opuzen or Klek, which stop in Neum. Just search for Arriva, Eurolines Germany, Globtour or Promet Makarska buses driving to these locations. Also, you have an option to rent a car to take you to Neum.


Grand Hotel Neum, BiH

Zagrebačka 2, Neum 88390


Anamarija Oršolić & Aleksandar Ličanin

Organizing Summer Reception

Want to change your summer routine? Like spending time with trainees or you like being trainee?? PERFECT!! We will give you a lot of ideas how to improve your Summer Reception program with amazing activities and events OOOR, how to use other countries Summer programs in the best possible way and become the best Summer Coordinator ever. Exciting topics are right behind the corner, use the opportunity and discover them. Don’t hesitate and apply for our workshop, because IAESTE is synonym for amazing memories and experiences!!!

Tomáš Petrek & Lenka Kaderabkova


Is your LC struggling with finance? Would you like to do more complex projects, but you don’t know where to start? Then, this Workshop is exactly for You! We will show you an easy and effective way of raising money to build up your project portfolio, while enhancing your business thinking and innovative approach. After this Workshop, you will have all the information, skills and motivation to start your first IAESTE fundraising project and help your LC grow to financial independence.

LC Management

Would you like to be the best LC leader in your country? Join the Advanced LC Management session in Neum! We will cover advanced techniques and tips, which we have been using the most during our time in IAESTE in leading positions.. Together, with amazing participants from different countries and LCs,we will come out with innovative and effective solutions for your LC Management struggles. This WS is suitable for more experienced members, either Board Members, Presidents or future candidates for LC Management positions. Join our Workshop to have a creative, entertaining and practical session, which will be beneficial to you and your beloved LC!

Anna Stefanišin & Đorđe Vuković

Procrastination Management

We are still waiting for their description of workshop. - Don’t worry, we trust them that it will be productive.

Pavel Čermák & Emilia Herbst

Project Management

You have a great idea, but have a problem to make it real? Come to our project management WS, and you will learn all the important groundwork for implementing ideas, starting and evaluation projects not only in IAESTE.

Iveta Škorpilová & Radovan Kouřil

Event management

Do you have an amazing event in your mind, but don’t know how to manage it? Or do you just need inspiration, because you know, that you have taste and determination to organize something, but don’t know exactly what? Then don’t hesitate anymore and sign up for our workshop. In our interactive workshop, based on our own experience, will we cover all basics aspects of event management. Our goal is to see happiness and excitement in your eyes at the end of the workshop.

Gábor Balatincz & Katalin Polgár

Crisis Management

Have you ever faced a risky situation, when you could barely pull off the task or the event? Or maybe your reputation was on the line? Did you feel immediately overwhelmed by the problem? Our work at IAESTE contains a lot of opportunity for crisis. In this workshop we determine the key facts of the critical situations which can occur during our work in IAESTE. We will find solutions and good practices to prevent and solve the unwanted problems. We will model the critical situations through exercises and discuss the steps of a good crisis management plan.

Milan Solik & Pavel Čermák

Leadership impact

The workshop is focused on work with team members and their engagement. During the session will be introduced basic theory of member motivation and communication. We will introduce some tools to use in situations which every team leader will once need to handle - delegation, presentation of ideas or work with feedback

Gábor Balatincz & Eszter Hegedüs

Exchange for Newbies

Would you like to know what’s behind the exchange process? Always wanted to be a part of it? Then join our workshop for newbies! The workshop introduces the core concepts of exchange in IAESTE, Incoming and Outgoing, AC and COBE process along with the different forms. Since the workshop is tailored to newbies, the IAESTE spirit should be shared with the participants - meaning some fun interactive activities to apply the theoretical knowledge learned Beforehand.

Jovana Railić & Isabella Vračević


Do you know which strong team is `must have` in every IAESTE committee? Whitout which activities is impossible to work? What`s our main goal, exept to travel, have fun and make new memories? :) We know how to be serious, when it`s necessary!

Yiğit Göktuğ Torun & Ayman Masani

PR Strategy

Do you need to build a PR Strategy for an association and don't know where to start? Or maybe for your Local Committee you have some cool ideas but cannot put it in a right structure? Then, here is a workshop for you. During this workshop, the steps for building a PR Strategy will be introduced and after that we will have an interactive part where you will focus on your Local Committee's PR strategy with people from different Local Committees. Looking forward to seeing all those PR-curious people in this workshop!


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates In the CER Development Working Group, we'll be focusing on the current status of the region and brainstorming about every possible point to improve the region more. It's going to be an interactive working group, so bringing your feedback on the region, and your creative ideas would be highly recommended. We're already looking forward to get together to make CER great again!

How to become WSL

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates In the CER Development Working Group, we'll be focusing on the current status of the region and brainstorming about every possible point to improve the region more. It's going to be an interactive working group, so bringing your feedback on the region, and your creative ideas would be highly recommended. We're already looking forward to get together to make CER great again!

Member Raising and Member Keeping

For a lot of years we have been talking about member raising and how to attract new members and gain numbers in your LC. But the point is Quality beats Quantity. We want more better members that are engaged and willing to achieve great things with Iaeste. We will discuss shortly about member raising, and then go through some theory on have to motivate people. The main part of the workshop will be a practical work on an imaginary LC and how to engage their new members.

Schedule Detail

  • event speaker

    14.00 PM - 20.00 PM


  • event speaker

    15.00 PM - 18.00PM

    CER Representatives meeting

  • 19.30 PM - 20.00 PM


  • event speaker

    20.30 PM

    Opening ceremony

  • 1.00 PM

    The End

  • 8.00 AM


  • event speaker

    09.00 AM - 10.30

    WS1 - part 1

  • event speaker

    10.45 AM - 11.00 AM

    Coffee break

  • event speaker

    11.00 AM - 12.30 PM

    WS1 - part 2

  • 12.30 PM- 14.20 PM


  • event speaker

    14.00 PM - 14.20 PM

    Group photoshoot

  • event speaker

    14.30 PM - 16.00 PM

    WS1 - part 1

  • event speaker

    16.00 PM - 16.15 PM

    Coffee break

  • event speaker

    16.15 PM - 17.45 PM

    WS1 - part 2

  • 19.00 PM - 20.00 PM

    Preparation for International evening

  • event speaker

    20.00 PM

    International evening

  • 3.00 AM

    The End

  • 8.00 AM - 9.30 AM


  • 9.30 AM - 10.00 AM

    Closing ceremony

  • 10.00 AM

    Check out


You can register here

Registration proces

Congratulations! You will have an unforgettable experience! But first and foremost, you are about to register to get the opportunity to attend the next CEC in Neum. The place of our next in line CEC. IAESTE BiH members are giving their best to let the next CEC be remembered in the best ways, so don’t miss the opportunity. IAESTE stands also for diversity, therefore the registration system will be as follows:

In case there will be more than 200 registered people, CEC organizers will set the limit for number of participants per country. CEC organizers will send a list of participants to the National Secretaries with the limits per country. NS will be responsible for selecting a limited number of participants from their countries and sending us a list of the chosen participants. Based on this, payment information will be sent by the CEC organizers to NS.

Maximum number of participants per country will be set through a quantum arithmetic formula that the CER countries agreed on.

The ratio of the participants Central European Region and the others will be: 65% CER and others 35%.

But don’t be sad, there are still some chance for your spot.

In case that we have some empty spots we will contact the first person on a waiting list.

So check our web site all the time

Deadline and Fee

The registration starts 4th March 2019 (CEST) and ends on 18th March 2019 at 23.59.

A registration for the CEC is inevitable for EVERYONE who wants to join this amazing event. If you show up without registration, don't be surprised to be sent home.


CER Full Members

  • Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia

Everyone else

Terms and Conditions

Please consider that payment of all fees must be made in full and cleared funds before the 1th April to 23:59h . To ensure that you have paid, please send a confirmation of your money transfer to iaestebih41cec@gmail.com. If the fee is not paid on time the participant automatically loses the spot and the next person in the waiting list will get the place. After we receive your payment, we will send you a receipt electronically. Paying in cash upon arrival is not possible.
All cancellations must be notified before 28th of March at 23:59. After this time the fee can not be returned and the participant can find someone to replace him/her. Send us an email with the replacement names to iaestebih41cec@gmail.com..
Attendants are required to comply with the rules and regulations governing the applicable venue and accomodation. You are in charge of your property that is brought onto, or left at the venue. IAESTE Bosnia and Herzegovina don’t bear any responsibility for the potential loss of personal property due to third parties. The attendees shall indemnify the organization, and keep the organization indemnified, for any costs, losses, or damages that the organization pays to the venue, accommodation or any other supplier connected to the event following (i) any breach by the any of the attendees of the relevant rules and regulations relating to the venue or accommodation; (ii) any damage done to that venue or accommodation or any equipment thereon by any of the attendees, including, but not limited to, any equipment provided for the event; and (iii) any injury suffered by any person, animal or item caused by or in consequence of any act or omission of any of the attendees.

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